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Online Proctoring Solution during COVID-19

online proctoring solution during COVID-19

While schools have taught their children how to do ‘things differently’– to learn differently, create and think critically, work in collaboration and independently, be curious to explore new opportunities , they have not been able to apply these learnings to themselves.Today, there is a disruption in the education system, but that should not deter teachers from meeting their students online – online sessions are more interactive and engaging and students seem more eager to attend the ‘virtual class – it can also help maintain some human-to-human connection, which we’re all craving right now.

As the new semester begins this April, teachers across the globe are conducting their classes with the support of online collaboration tools, like Zoom, Google Classroom, Lark, etc. However, the question that looms large with the authorities is how to move examination online, ensuring academic integrity and assurance. This has led to an unprecedented surge in the demand for automatically monitored (proctored) examination management solution

Academic institutions and workplaces are planning to deliver online assessments to workers and students at home in the face of the COVID-19 challenge. They need to ensure that the test is conducted without compromising the integrity of the results. They worry about:

Artificial Intelligence enabled automated proctoring solution
  • Will students be able to Impersonate?
  • Will students be able to Cheat?
  • Can the online test paper get Leaked?

DigiProctor: your digital invigilator

DigiProctor Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled automated proctoring solution eliminates the need to have onsite human proctors/invigilator and ensures that there is no impersonation and/or cheating. Using the webcam, DigiProctor monitors the test takes during the exam and generates warnings if the users display aberrant behaviour – this augments academic integrity and reduces human biases.

Let us first address the two big issues – impersonation and cheating during exams. An intelligent automated proctoring solution can eliminate the need for a ‘human invigilator’. DigiProctor’s conducts the test in a secure environment called the ‘TestPad. Secure ‘TestPad’ algorithms ensure test integrity, even when the test is taken from remote locations – like homes. The only requirement for the user (test taker) is have a webcam attached to their computer, and a stable Internet connection. Our AI-enabled engines closely monitor the user and calibrate a unique ’Trust Score’ based on alerts/warnings generated throughout the conduct of the exam. ‘ Trust Score’ is a reliable indicator of user’s aberrant behaviour during the test session.

Globally, education has embraced remote proctoring solutions for high-stakes test delivery and find examinations administered under remote proctoring systems much more reliable and secure compared to traditional in-person onsite proctoring.

DigiProctor: AI-enabled Automated Exam Proctoring Solution

DigiProctor AI algorithms ensure test integrity, and our ‘TestPad’ engines generate alerts to prevent any aberrant behaviour during the exam.

01: Test taker browses the Internet to search for answers

Browser Lockdown: TestPad monitors if the user tries to browse outside the TestPad and will generate an alert (warning).

02: Test taker moves away from the computer (webcam)

Face Detection technologies will generate an alert every time user moves out of the Test Frame.

03: Auto- detect impersonation attempts during the test

Facial Recognition algorithms periodically checks and maps user’s face with the test taker’s registered photo and generate alerts if someone else is trying to sit for the exam.

04: Collaboration during taking the test.

Face Detection technologies will detect more than one person in the Test Frame and generate alerts.

Can the test taker get automatically terminated due to misconduct?

The answer is Yes!

Academic authorities can set ‘alert thresholds’ (how many times should the system warn the user before terminating the test) . Every time the test taker displays aberrant behaviour, the ‘Testpad’ will warn the user. Depending on the criticality of the exam, authorities can set the threat tolerance – once the number of ‘alert threshold’ count is reached, the test shall be automatically terminated. Authorities get an in-depth report of all the warnings given to the test taker during the test.

DigiProctor makes it Impossible to Impersonate & Impossible to Cheat!

How to prevent the test paper from leaking or getting hacked?

DigiProctor maintains highest levels of security throughout the lifecycle of an examination. The test creator keeps the test papers in an encrypted form (it’s as simple as locking the test paper with a password) – the system mandates this when test creator upload the test paper.

DigiProctor uses military -grade protection security technologies (end-to-end AES-256 encryption, SSLv3/TLSv1.2, and Strong Credential Protection (PBKDF2)) to ensure that your test paper can never get leaked. Multiple levels of security controls are placed throughout the conduct of the exam to ensue highest levels of security and privacy.

Time to Re-imagine Examination

Digiproctor remote online examination solution supports exam integrity and your business continuity. We understand the need for security and proctoring during test administration. We shall help you create and deliver secure online proctored assessments.

Don’t let the coronavirus outbreak affect your semester, DigiProctor, your digital proctor will closely monitor your students - all they need is a computer with a webcam and a stable Internet connection.