What's new in DigiProctor Advanced ?

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Versatile Question Papers

DigiProctor enables you to create objective as well as subjective tests.Students type long answers or upload images of hand-written answers. They can even attach hand-drawn diagrams like circuit diagrams, chemical and arithmetic equations, etc.Evaluators too have a seamless experience - mark subjective questions online and automate results processing.DigiProctor provides detailed analytics of the test paper, class and individual performance.

Subjective Questions

How your students tackle the issue of writing a long answer or uploading a diagram/equation?

To answer a subjective question, your students can write the answers or draw the circuit diagram on paper, take a photo of the page and upload it using the DigiProctor (Answer) Upload App. They can view this image on their laptop to see if it has been uploaded properly.

If they have uploaded more than one image for an answer, then they can rearrange the sequence of these images before submission.

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They have an option to delete any image that they have uploaded, and if required, replace it with a new image.

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Centralized Question Management

Question banks enable a standardized quality of knowledge testing and ensures diligence and integrity amongst all the institutions. Your institution can build a centralized question repository from where all question papers can be generated and administered.

DigiProctor also provides a comprehensive solution to manage all type so questions through its question creation facility - Wizard and Excel Template (for bulk upload of questions and answers)

  • All types of questions can be created - MCQ, MRQ with partial marking, True-False, Subjective, Case Study, Grouped Comprehension
  • Questions can have Rich-Media attachments - Audio, Video, Images, Hyper Links, Documents - PDF, Word, PPT, Excel
  • Questions can be tagged with topics and Bloom's taxonomy for analysis of candidate and class performance
  • Questions can have answers attached including subjective text, links, docs, images and rich media. The answers can be used by students for “Formative Learning” post-test
  • Question Banks can be created and question papers can be created by choosing from it when required

Question paper is encrypted using AES-256 encryption (strongest in the world) and only the question paper creator will have the Key to decrypt the paper

Delivery of questions during the test can also be controlled from the central console.

  • One or more question papers can be set for the test. If a set of question papers are linked to test, the student will be given a question paper randomly from the set
  • A pool of questions can be prepared, and the indicated number of questions from the pool would be randomly selected for creating each student's (unique) question paper
  • Questions, Answer Choices, or Both can be randomized during test delivery
  • Question paper can be Section-wise, and candidate can move to next section only after submitting section after time for section is over
  • Question paper can have a 'show window' - only the number of questions defined in the window will be visible to the candidate, who can move ahead only after submitting.

Digiproctor provides automatic result generation and deep insights into the test performance.

  • Objective question test results are compiled in real-time and delivered to institutions as well as students
  • In case of subjective questions in test, system awaits completion of subjective evaluation and then generates the ranked results.
  • Subjective evaluation can be done with aggregate marking and Step-wise / para-wise detailed marking
  • All hand-drawn or hand-written answers for subjective questions which were uploaded by candidates is available to evaluator at click of button
  • Detailed analytics of class performance and individual candidate performance - including performance in each tagged topic and bloom's taxonomy