AI-enabled Automated Remote Proctoring Solution

As you know, we are now in an environment that is unprecedented in human history; and which by all indications would continue in some form in future. In this new normal, where social touch and travel is being seen as anathema, online is the only way for education. In keeping with this disruption, institutions are adopting new ways to ensure continuity through online learning and online examinations.

DigiProctor is an AI-enabled Automated Proctoring solution that uses advanced Machine and Deep Learning algorithms combined with strong security and live video recording for ensuring highest levels of integrity in online examinations. It addresses two inherent problems faced by institutions while conducting exams remotely – Impersonation and Cheating.

DigiProctor ensures that test papers, test results, and student data never gets leaked. DigiProctor is simple to use, has higher credibility than 'human invigilation', and can usher transparency and standardization of processes.

Benefits of using
DigiProctor for you
Students take the test within a “Secure TestPad”

The TestPad locks the students screen and stops them from moving out of the window. This prevents the risks of browser-based tests where students can move out of the window to retrieve answers.

Live video recording

The entire test of every student - from authentication to submission of test - is live video recorded. The students’ physical behaviour as well as everything they do on their screens, are video recorded and is available to you for play-back.

DigiProctor ensures that the student who is taking the test is the actual student who should be taking the test. This is done by advanced AI-powered authentication and continuous face mapping throughout the test.

Cheating is stopped

DigiProctor ensures students don’t cheat during tests by continuously monitoring whether they move out of the test window and whether they are collaborating with or taking to others.

Collaboration with outside help is prevented

Digiproctor can create a unique test paper for every student, where questions and options are randomly re-ordered, which can be randomly chosen from a pool of questions, or the question paper itself can be randomly chosen from a set of question papers

Highest levels of security

Digiproctor is one of the most secure test platforms in the world. It uses end-to-end encryption and strong access control for question paper creation and test delivery.

Assured Internet usage

Digiproctor requires minimal bandwidth and is optimised for Indian conditions. It provides comprehensive features for disconnection management in case students get disconnected from Internet during the test.

Diverse range of question types

Digiproctor allows you to create questions that are MCQ, MRQ, True/False, Subjective or Case study. The questions can have text, images, audio, video, or URL links in them.

Students’ test credibility is monitored

Digiproctor provides two scores - a “Test Score" based on the student’s answers to questions, and a “Trust Score" based on the student’s behaviour during the test. Every instance of aberrant behaviour of the student - whether attempted impersonation or cheating - generates an alert and automatically reduces the student’s trust score. You can immediately zero down on students whose test credibility is low.