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Advantages of Online Examination System with Test Integrity

The exams are getting canceled or postponed, and anxiety levels in academia are rising. And yet, we are finding new ways of dealing with it.

DigiProctor is an Online Examination System that uses advanced machine and deep learning algorithms combined with strong to analyse your students' behaviour in real-time. Student's behavior is continuously being profiled for the human proctor to take corrective action. DigiProctor addresses two inherent problems faced by institutions while conducting exams remotely –Impersonation and Cheating.

DigiProctor is an Examinations ERP Suite for your institution to move exams online.

(1) Question Papers Management & Centralized Question Banks

Digiproctor allows you to create a diverse range of question types like MCQ, MRQ, True/False, Subjective, or Case study. These questions can have text, images, audio, video, or URL links in them. DigiProctor encrypts the question papers (using the highest levels of encryption standards AES 256) and keeps them secure – the key to launch the test always remains with the examination body. Institutions create their Question Banks to enable standardization of the assessment process and improve test efficacy.

(2) Test Engine - both on desktop/laptop and mobile device

DigiProctor Test engine – known as the "TestPad" is a highly secure, scalable, and reliable application. The Test-taking application locks the students' screen and stops them from moving out of the window. (In the case of browser-based tests where students can move out of the window to retrieve answers.) AI-powered test engines proctor the students to continue to detect any aberrant behaviour.

(3) Proctoring Engine - Remote-Live Human Proctoring with AI -Augmentation

DigiProctor allows institutions to assign “Human” Proctors” for Virtual TestRooms. Students appear for the exams from remote locations – Human proctors and AI algorithms (face mapping technologies) jointly monitor them. Proctors can chat, pause, and even terminate the test from the remote to deter cheating - COE can also visit these rooms in real-time to take immediate action against unfair practices during the conduct of the exams.

(4) Automated Result Processing with Online Evaluation

DigiProctor enables auto-result processing and saves time, bringing in agility. In the case of subjective questions, it allows examiners to collaborate and grade the responses online. Evaluators have a seamless experience - they mark the subjective questions online and automate results processing. DigiProctor provides detailed test students' performance analytics – at class -level and individual-level

(5) Student’s Portal – Learning Outcomes & Formative Assessments

A personal dashboard helps candidates in self-performance tracking and formative learning. The student's portal is a repository of all the tests taken by the student. It allows students to review their answer sheets (if permitted). It also plots student's progress based on test performance.

(6) Archiving of Test Results & Video Recordings of Test Sessions

The entire test of every student - from authentication to submission of test - is recorded. The students' physical behaviour and everything they do on their screens is captured and available to you for play-back. The data in the cloud (AWS) is secured using extensive firewalling and S3 security.

We are proud to be serving prestigious institutions across the globe - the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), SRM Group of Institutions, Velammal Group of Schools, Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), ODM Educational Group, and certifying the healthcare workers in Kenya - Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK), Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Council (KMPDC).

DigiProctor empowers your institution to monitor and proctor your students during online examinations remotely- just the way it’s done in physical test centers, ensuring continuity of education.

Examinations- just the way it’s done in physical test centers, ensuring continuity of education.