Exams must go on…

homes as new test centers and AI the invigilator

Your students can now write their exams from home, under the watchful eye of AI.

Homes have become the new test centers and AI the invigilator - students are nowwriting examinations from their respective homes while being monitored remotely via their webcam.

Writing examinations remotely with artificial intelligence tools monitoring you during the process has become the new normal.

Unlike a regular exam, which is conducted on pen and paper or on a computer in a designated test centre, online proctored exam involves students writing the examinations on their personal laptop at home. Artificial Intelligence is leveraged to detect any aberrant behaviour like any physical movement of the face; no face in front of the camera, several faces in front of camera, or cheating aids like a mobile device, headphones, etc.

AI and advanced technologies constantly monitor the student behaviour – if they try to google the answers, they will get a warning and their “trust” score or exam credibility reduces. If they try to shift their attention to their phone, their ‘trust” score diminishes further. After the student submits the test, AI-based algorithm calculates the “trust” score by analyzing the captured feeds. A low “trust” reduces the student’s credibility.

In case of is a power cut or low internet connectivity, the student can restart the test from where s/he left it to ensure that there is no time (and data) loss. However, to prevent misuse, institution can set a limit to the number of times a student can restart a test - often students are allowed some grace time to finish the exam due to the disruption.

In addition to the automated result generation of objective questions like MCQ, MRQ, True/False, etc. there is provision for onscreen marking of subjective questions. For subjective questions, students can click pictures of the answers using their mobiles and upload them into the test. Mobile upload feature makes online testing tool versatile for engineering, architecture & many other liberal arts institutions.

For example, if the question requires the student to: (1) draw a circuit diagram; (2) solve a math equation; (3) write an essay-type answer, they can click the picture of their answers, upload and attach them to the respective question. Evaluators can now mark these answers remotely from home too, bringing in convenience and transparency.

Online proctored examination solution like DigiProctor can ensure that “exams keep going on” remotely, even after the situation normalizes. It comprehensively addresses all the core requirements of most institutions conducting online examinations. Primary among them are: ease of creating question papers and scheduling the tests, delivering different types of tests – multiple choice as well as subjective tests, students having option to take tests on their laptops as well as on mobile devices, uploading hand-drawn and hand-written drawings, circuit diagrams, equations and answers, handling disconnections during the online test, ensuring there is no impersonation or cheating during the test, providing an easy interface for evaluating subjective questions, and providing detailed analytics of the test paper, class and individual performance.

Students will never have to travel to test centers (sometimes located in another city) and institutions will save cost of paper and physical infrastructure to conduct examinations.

Examinations can keep going remotely protecting the integrity of the examination process.

DigiProctor team understands your concerns and has introduced novel approaches for online examination- giving your students the experience of an onsite exam from the confines of their homes