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Assessments and COVID-19
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DigiProctor – THE undisputed performance leader!

Innovative ideas emerge to solve problems, but often their adoption happens only during a crisis. Education and examination were pushed online when academia was forced to close the gates of global educational institutions.

The Future of Education & Examinations is Digital.Globally, the education system has demonstrated agility and speed during the pandemic - most institutions instantly pivoted from classroom instruction to online learning models. After the smooth transition to online learning and virtual classrooms, it's time to migrate to digital examinations.


DigiProctor – THE undisputed performance leader!

DigiProctor uses “Deep Proctoring and Next-Generation Lockdown Browser integrated with Question Design, Delivery, Display (QD3)” to stop cheating completely and assure perfect exam integrity. No other competitor in the market offers this integrated proctoring approach, which is the reason DigiProctor has beaten out leading competitors time and time again.

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Digiproctor has been architected by cybersecurity professionals and is one of the most secure proctoring platforms globally.

In 2022 about 67% of organizations in India increased their L&D budget. But a bigger budget doesn’t always ensure that L&D is effective. 70% of Indian employees surveyed aren’t satisfied with their companies’ L&D functions.

By measuring the effectiveness of their training programs, L&D can track if employees are benefitting from the courses offered and whether intended business outcomes are being achieved. Positive benefits of training programs would result in higher employee satisfaction with L&D services, more management support, and continued investments for L&D.


Effective assessments provide a window through which educators can gain visibility into their students’ learning gaps - they can get to know in which topics they are struggling, and why? and then use this insight to provide their students with constructive suggestions to improve their learning, or if necessary re-orient their way of teaching.While providing feedback to students based on their performance in assessments is essential for improving learning outcomes, it is also equally essential to design effective assessments,


Assessments can provide students feedback on their strengths and weaknesses - which in turn can influence their learning behaviour. It has been confirmed that the majority of students regard assessment as the most important aspect of a course, and consequently, they use it to guide and frame their learning.Assessments also provide the teaching faculty feedback and insights on their students’ depth of learning and their breadth of learning. This can help them reorient their teaching methods if needed, to better the learning outcomes.


As institutions digitalize their examination processes, the age old saying in computers – GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) – kicks in here too. Success of the digitalized examination process depends on the data that goes into the process! While an institution may deploy state-of-the-art IT systems, it will not be of much use if the data that enters those digital systems from the physical world is not correct.In an online survey conducted in 2020 by Digiproctor, about 1100 students from an institution were sent emails with a link, which displayed a copy of their personal information held in the institution’s database.


The Covid-19 has shaken the world, especially for the graduating class of 2021. There is anxiety about students’ career paths and plans- entrance exams are postponed indefinitely, board exams are canceled, and college options are becoming challenging to pursue. Moving all examinations online seemed to be the most logical solution.Digiproctor is leading a revolution. A movement. Digiproctor is changing the way we conduct examinations.


The Future

of Examinations is Digital

Many institutions have recently opted out of the conventional pen-and-paper-based mode of examination to embrace the digital mode. However, conducting online (proctored or non-proctored) exams using digital technologies is not the same thing as embarking on a transformation journey of your examination management system. In fact, it’s just the beginning.The push factor for most institutions in India was the UGCs diktat that universities must hold exams - online, off-line, or blended – without any further delay to ensure the progression of students' academic future.


Think Different

Online Proctoring Solution during COVID-19

While schools have taught their children how to do ‘things differently’– to learn differently, create and think critically, work in collaboration and independently, be curious to explore new opportunities , they have not been able to apply these learnings to themselves.Today, there is a disruption in the education system, but that should not deter teachers from meeting their students online – online sessions are more interactive and engaging and students seem more eager to attend the ‘virtual class – it can also help maintain some human-to-human connection, which we’re all craving right now.


Think Different

Proctored Skill Assessments for Businesses who prioritize capability building during Covid-19

As businesses and educational institutes around the world postpone and cancel in-person meetings, e-learning is booming – classes and training programs are being conducted with the support of online collaboration tools, like Zoom, Google Classroom, Lark, etc. However, the question that looms large with the authorities is how to move assessments online, ensuring academic integrity and assurance. This has led to an unprecedented surge in the demand for automatically monitored (proctored) examination and skill assessments.


Exams must go on…

Your students can now write their exams from home, under the watchful eye of AI.

Homes have become the new test centers and AI the invigilator - students are nowwriting examinations from their respective homes while being monitored remotely via their webcam.Writing examinations remotely with artificial intelligence tools monitoring you during the process has become the new normal.


Exam from Home

Exams from Home will be the new normal!

While Lockdown 5.0 (Unlock 1.0) will be executed with some relaxation to boost the economy, educational institutions – stakeholders and parents - will exercise restraint in opening the doors of their institutions. How to conduct the semester examination is looming large on our minds? Alternative ways to administer examinations with the same credibility (or even more) than an onsite exams are being explored.


Will Cheenu ever return to Tikri?

sequel to ‘ a room in Tikri”

Every morning there was an influx of domestic help and support staff to the urban dwellings surrounding Tikri. (Tikri is one of the many villages interspersed in the landscape of commercial complexes and corporate high rises grown off the rapid urban development in the outskirts of the millennial city – Gurugram.) Their children used to attend the nearby ‘anganwadis’ and public schools, but suddenly on the 24th of March 2020, all this came to a halt.


Seven Reasons why you should use DigiProctor for your Online Examinations

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Just like education has adopted learner-centric approaches to make learning effective, examinations and assessments are also becoming competency-based to appropriately measure the learning outcomes of students. Various school and college boards in India have progressively adopted an outcomes-based approach to improve the quality of education.


Future of Education


As of today, over 160+ countries have mandated temporary school closures, leaving ~1.6 billion children and youth out of school. Even prior to the “physical lockdown”, learning outcomes had been suboptimal . Teachers have remained trapped in outdated curriculum, and teaching methodologies have not been able to generate curiosity (to learn) in the minds of the learners.